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Begins January 4th, 2021


Join me for the 21-day Fitness Challenge featuring the Ten Stone™ Series – The “No Shoes, No Gym, No Problem” Workout!

The Principles


“The Ten Stones” concept is based on 3 principles:

  • Commitment - You commit to completing “The Ten Stone” workout on that day.

  • Accountability - You are held accountable by the 10 Stones. You can work towards completing all 10 Stones at once or throughout the day.

  • Economy of Action - The workouts are based on effectiveness and efficiency. You want to achieve the maximum benefits (effectiveness) in the least amount of time and with the lowest overhead (efficiency).

All 3 principles are equally important. You cannot have a successful “Ten Stone™” workout if one of these principles is missing or is not fully adhered to.

The Application

The applications of “The Ten Stone™” workout are continuing to expand. The physiological, psychological and mental benefits that we witness from people who are actively implementing these applications very often exceed our expectations.

Getting Started

What I give you here is a 21-Day challenge to get you introduced to the fundamental principles.

The class content includes lots of different workout sessions delivered to you in written form and in video form.

After going through this program, you will have the necessary knowledge you need to create your own private gym experience anywhere.


Q. What type of previous gym / fitness experience do I need?

A. None. All you need is the want to move in a healthy way.

Q. How much time is this going to take?

A. This depends on you, but on average, about half hour a day.

Q. What type of gear do I need?

A. Clothes that you can comfortably move in, a backpack and 10 stones (pebbles, pennies or even a rock emoji on your phone) for counting.

Optional Gear (highly recommended, but not required): 

  • Two dumbbells of equal weight. They will be used for movement such as shoulder raises, so decide on the weight accordingly.

  • One dumbbell, heavier than the two above. It will be used for movement such as overhead presses and rows, so decide on the weight accordingly.

  • A resistance band that can attach to a door. It will be used for pushing and pulling exercises, so again, decide on the resistance level accordingly.

  • An exercise resistance loop band (it goes above the ankles, for monster walks).

Q. How will I know if I am doing this right?

A. Read the instructions; Watch the videos; Practice the movements yourself; Pay attention to how your body feels: As a rule of thumb, any discomfort on your joints may not be a “good thing”; Any discomfort on your muscles is most likely a “good thing”. Any questions? Email me at chericavoyleslmt@gmail.com.