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What Is One Stone?

1 Stone = 1 round of the following:

  • A set of 20 Squats

  • A set of 10 Push Ups



  • Keep the feet parallel, at hip distance apart or further, toes pointing forward.

  • When you squat the knees can come past your toes.

  • Keep the chest facing forward (not rounding).

  • Keep looking straight ahead, not down.

  • Go to your full range of motion, i.e. squat as low as you can without the heels lifting off the floor.

  • Keep the hands at the heart center the whole time.

  • Push the heels onto the ground and through the outside of the feet in order to use more glutes.

  • Keep the feet from turning out and the knees from rolling in.

  • Keep both the inhale breath and the exhale breath through the nose.



  • Start with the hands underneath your shoulders and your upper body straight, in a plank like pose.

  • If the knees are off the floor, make sure your butt is an inch higher than the rest of your body to protect the lower back.

  • If the knees are on the ground, make sure they are behind your hips, not underneath your hips. You want to be in a “push up” position, not in a “table-top” position.

  • On an exhale breath let the elbows open to the side and lower your whole body as close to the ground as you can, without touching the floor or collapsing your lower back.

  • On an inhale breath raise up.

  • Keep both the inhale breath and the exhale breath through the nose.

  • If you feel any pressure on your wrists, make fists with the knuckles pushing on the floor and your wrists straight. Otherwise, spread your fingers as far apart as you can pushing into every single finger, pushing through both hands. This should relieve pressure off the shoulders.

  • Focus at the area below the belly button and starting there, use it to tighten your whole core as if your are pushing the floor away from you. Remember that the butt is part of our core.

  • Keep your shoulders away from your ears.

  • Look about half a foot in front of you.


You can also modify your push-ups either by using the wall, i.e. hands on the wall instead of on the floor.


The Day 1 Assignment Summary


Perform 10 Stones, i.e. 10 rounds of the following:

  • A set of 20 Squats

  • A set of 10 Push Ups


While performing the daily assignment, please keep in mind that part of the 10-Stone™ Series is teaching us the art of persistence. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

You can perform all 10 Stones (rounds) in one series or throughout the day if need be.

At the end of the day, you will have completed 200 Squats and 100 Push Ups! Congrats!!


Don’t do anything a medical doctor has told you not to do.

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